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At Canary Rock Salon, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible spray tans in Charleston. Our salon features a custom airbrush spray tanning area, where a certified professional will apply your tan with an airbrush spray tan gun. A custom spray tan from Canary Rock Salon has the power to give you the feeling of a million-dollar makeover in an instant.

Our salon offers Norvell Spray Tan. Norvell is the No. 1 tanning solution in the industry. We have a variety of solutions to customize your spray tan to your skin tone. We are certified spray tan technicians for Norvell Spray Tan, so you can ensure that your spray tan will be provided by a qualified professional.

Spray Tanning at
Canary Rock Salon

If you're looking for a sun-kissed look, we can make it happen at Canary Rock Salon. Our tan technicians make sure that you never leave our salon looking orange or streaky. The spray tans that we offer are perfect for big events, and can be used to mask tan lines and other problem areas, such as veins, razor burn, discoloration, or splotchy skin.

We use a hand-held airbrush gun to give a flawless, even spray tan. Our most popular solution is the one-hour express tanning solution. A tan fully develops within one hour, and you can shower one hour after your tan. Ask about our one-hour express tanning solution when you book your next spray tan at Canary Rock Salon.

Prepping for a
Spray Tan

It's important to come to your spray tan appointment wearing loose, dark clothing, or to bring alternative clothing options with you for afterwards. Our solution is sugar-based, so you may feel slightly sticky after your tan is applied, which does not mix well with tight clothing.

Before you arrive, make sure that the surface of your skin is completely clean, and that you have not applied any kind of lotion prior to the appointment. We recommend exfoliating the skin before your appointment in order to remove dead skin cells. It's also important to shave ahead of time.

During Your
Spray Tan

No matter how you decide to tan, be sure that you are comfortable. Undergarments can be worn, but we recommend dark colors that you wouldn't mind getting stained with tanning solution. You may wear makeup during your appointment and skip the facial spray, or remove it upon arrival.

Our tanning solution is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Color will slowly develop on your skin following your spray tan. We recommend waiting 24 hours before showering to ensure the longevity of your tan. During the period of time before showering, you will need to avoid getting wet or excessively perspiring. Your tan will darken within the first few hours after application. Color will be fully developed following the first shower when all bronzers are washed away.

After Your
First Shower

The first time that you get into the shower after an airbrush spray tan, you will want to rinse off without soap. Following a shower, do not excessively rub your skin with a towel since excess color may be transferred to the towel. Your spray tan should last up to seven days with proper aftercare. We suggest our Norvell Tan Extender lotion to lock in your tan and promote the longevity of the DHA, which is what keeps the tan from fading.

Tanning Prices

Classic Solution
Spray tan will take up to 24 hours to develop.

Express Solution
Spray tan develops in one to three hours. Results and longevity of the tan are the same as our Classic Solution.

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