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Canary Rock Salon is proud to be certified in an array of hair extension lines. If you are interested in updating your locks with hair extensions, we offer and require a complimentary consultation prior to hair extensions being applied. During this consultation, we will determine which line of hair extensions is best for your hair type, desired look, and personal budget.

Our Experienced Hair
Extension Specialist at
Canary Rock Salon

Hair extensions can be a dream come true or a complete nightmare if they are not done correctly. At Canary Rock Salon we pride ourselves in educating and certifying our stylists that offer hair extensions.

The Hair Extensions That We Offer at Canary Rock Salon

Donna Bella
Donna Bella is a leading industry brand that offers quality hair extensions in Tape-In, I-Link, Kera-Link and Flat-Tip methods.

- Tape-In Method -
These extensions are applied with medical grade adhesive and lay flat for comfortable wear.

- I-Link Method -
Extensions that are applied strand-by-strand using non-slip micro beads. This method does not use heat or glue.

- Kera-Link or Fusion Method -
Applied with Keratin adhesive and a heated tool. This is a strand-by-strand method that provides long-wearing results.

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