Body Waxing



Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Wax $15
Lip Wax $15

Full Body Waxing

Underarms $25
1/2 Leg $50
Full Leg $70
Back $55
Basic Bikini $35
French Bikini $45
Brazilian Bikini $55


From brows to down under, CanaryRock Salon has you covered. We have a trained professional that can help you achieve any flawless look. We have two all purpose strip waxes that work really well with fine and course hair.

For more gentle areas or sensitive skin, CanaryRock offers a 100% organic stripless film wax. The all natural ingredients will help to moisturize the skin and prevent irritation. Hair is removed from the root and your skin will stay smooth for weeks. Plus, with continued waxing, hair grows back finer.


  • Don’t be afraid to talk with your waxer! You may stop in anytime for complimentary consult.
  • Waxing can be more painful near the menstrual cycle. Take care not to book intimate waxing appointments too close to that time of the month.
  • You can lightly exfoliate before your appointment and take care not to use lotions and oils before hand.
  • Some discomfort can be expected. If pain is a concern for you, Tylenol can be taken 30 minutes before your wax. However, be sure not to use any blood thinners.
  • A great aftercare suggestion is to start using a sugar scrub a few days after your wax to prevent ingrown hairs.

* Please have an adult present if a minor is getting waxed.