January & February is SPA time at CanaryRock Salon!!


facial special jan

We will introduce monthly specials as 2016 continues on! We are excited to Launch our Spa Focus in January and February. There isn’t a better time to focus on feeling your best, and starting the year off with your best face forward! Custom Peels are the best way to get your skin in perfect shape before Spring. Because it is best to start a peel when you will not be in direct sunlight, January & February is the perfect time to get the amazing benefits from a peel.

More Questions? We are happy to answer them all. Call today and Niki can speak with you about your skin type and your goal results, or we can schedule a complimentary consult to see what peel would be best for you.

Calling All Lash Lovers

We are simply crazy about eyelash extensions.
Lash extensions are one of the hottest trends right now. Some people are even referring to lashes as

“the new mustache”



Why we love them:

Lash extensions enhance your natural lashes, free you from the wasted time, frustration, and damage associated with eyelash curlers and mascara. Besides, who wants to deal with mascara anyway? It runs, its itchy, it clumps and it is a pain to put on and get off.

Our Advice:
Before considering if lash extensions are for you….
You do need to be very careful & do some research to be sure you are getting a trained professional who really knows what they are doing. We get a lot of people who want to try lashes but are nervous about them. They worry about the application, the effects of the false lashes to your natural lash and the maintenance. A few weeks ago we had a client come to us with a horrible lash experience from another spa. We were shocked to see her lashes, and eager to help her see what a beautiful set of professionally applied lashes look like!


Above: before



Above: After lashes were professionally removed by Sarah.



Above: Lashes were correctly reapplied by a trained and certified professional. Sarah did a beautiful job on these lashes!

What to takeaway from this disaster….

The top pic is before, middle pic is after the lashes were removed. The bottom pic is after the lashes were re-applied by a trained and certified professional at our salon.

Be Careful where you go….
Eyelash extensions have grown in popularity, but the truth is, you must truly have a passion and love for lashing!

You should never be able to feel your eyelash extensions.
You should never have lashes “clumped” together. The before pic in this blog in an extreme case, but no lashes should ever be connected when you leave your appointment! Each lash is individually applied, and lashes should be soft, weightless and never uncomfortable. In short, you should NEVER feel them.

What you can expect at Canary Rock Salon….

Our lash room is clean, tranquil and complete with an air purification system to make sure the air is clean and the glue is kept at an optimal temperature to insure there is never clumping.

Book an appointment and be prepared to get cozy! Make sure you avoid caffeine before your appointment so you can relax and enjoy some peaceful time to yourself. Most of our clients sleep and wake up with a beautiful set of fluffy, healthy lashes 🙂

Here is to waking up beautiful & ditching the mascara!

Sarah & Lindsay are available for all of your eyelash extension needs! Sarah is NovaLash Certified and Lindsay is XtremeLash Certified.






Boho Chic Wedding

I just can’t get enough of this beautiful wedding. The bride was so flawless! Bride by Laurie & bridal party, by Laurie & Sarah. These beautiful photos speak for themselves!